The Radness In The Sadness is a pop-up art exhibition curated by Sara S. Wallach and Galen Kardashian. This collection of works celebrate the aspects of life that are sad and difficult but give us, as individuals, character and purpose. The idea is that personal struggles inspire artistic expression. These artists each take on the sad, forgotten, mundane aspects of existence and turn them into various artistic practices: works on paper, text, installation, video, and photography. In doing so, they locate sources of pain and repression and in their exposition, create something new, tangible, and meaningful. See Exhibitions for more details on our upcoming show.

Sara is a fine art photographer living in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. She earned her bachelor's degree in photography at Bard College. Her creative interests stem from a lifelong project on mess, ruin, death, and impermanence.

Galen is a creative outlaw in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. With no formal training, he creates movies, music videos, and photography. He is a fan of pro-wrestling, and an advocate for underground artists and all marginalized members of society.


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